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  1. DUDE ChapGPT is crazy! My team has been using it for as a launchpad for ideas in our work. I’ve heard about it for several months, uncle telling me about people using it to write sermons. And it just feels weird. But then my teammate decides to ask it questions relating to culture and different things – and some of the things we were observing or finding, was matching ChatGPT’s responses. My other teammate put it this way, “This thing would be a on the panel with us sharing our answers” haha.

    • Haha yea I’m glad people are exploring Chat GPT for non engineering use cases. I actually needed to create an outline of a children’s service with a short message and craft activities for the theme nature with emotions, in particular looking at ‘oceans of emotions’ and it did a uhh pretty job, here is my conversation with Chat GPT


  2. Very cool to see your pics & read the story, especially with the fun life ponderings. Keep sharing, even if the medium changes over time; you’ll be on instagram before you know it! 🙂

  3. Finally had some time to read this and thoroughly enjoyed it, as always. I’m sorry to hear about Lara. The loss of any life generates, if not grief, feelings of empathy for her friends and family. Your feelings are probably somewhere on this grief and empathy continuum. I hope you and Jason have a visit to So Cal in your near future!