I graduated with a Information & Computer Science degree from UC Irvine in 2003. Since then I have a diverse set of experience ranging from defense contractors, consulting firms, and start-ups. I write mostly about data engineering, food, travel, and a quarterly personal newsletter of thoughts.


Other than my day to day project work, here are a couple public items I have worked on

Moody’s Analytics – Apache Hudi Implementation (2022, Technical Principal)

Helped oversee the technical team deploying the next generation transactional datalake Apache Hudi for Moody’s analytics to help process large sets of financial data.


Best Practices from Rackspace for Modernizing a Legacy HBase/Solr Architecture Using AWS Services (2023)

Primary author of AWS APN partner blog post detailing how to migrate Hbase, Solr, and Hbase Indexer to Opensearch on AWS.


Apache Iceberg: An Introduction from Rackspace on Running the New Open Table Format on AWS (2022)

Primary editor of the blog post from Chaitanya Varma highlighting the new exciting features of Apache Iceberg.


Blackline Safety – Databricks Deltalake Implementation
Led an implementation to deploy a transactional data lake for Blackline Safety to help with a Covid contact tracing use case.

Created a profitable nutrition facts labeling self service platform written in Ruby on Rails.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

State of Data Engineering 2023 – An End of Year Recap (Dec 12, 2023)

Host and presenter of an Amazon Web Services meet-up talking about the state of data engineering in regards to Open Table Formats (Apache Hudi, Apache Iceberg, and Databricks Deltalake) and an overview of enterprise data patterns.


Streaming Ahead: Next Generation Architectures for IoT Data and Datalakes (May 11, 2023)

Co-presenter of a Vancouver Amazon Web Service in person meet-up discussing a customer case study where IoT data from building devices was used to assess air quality to create advanced analytics.

Key AWS services discussed included DynamoDB for storage, Timestream for time-series data management, IoT Core for device communication, Amazon EMR for data processing, Amazon Neptune for graph databases, and Apache Hudi for transactional datalakes. The presentation focused on the technical capabilities of these services and their integration for managing and analyzing large volumes of data.


Building Your Modern Data Strategy with AWS Analytics (2021) – Co Presenter
Co-presenter with AWS on a talk on modern data strategy and a highlight of business use cases. Free registration required to watch the talk.


Food Portfolio

Return to Soil Food Podcast (6 episodes, 2015-2017)
I created a 6 episode series interviewing food producers ranging from farmers, grain farmers, and chocolate makers.

The El Monte Potluck Cookbook (Vietnamese Vegetarian Cooking, 2014)

Primary author of a collection of recipes of Vietnamese Vegetarian food.


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